Press, Previews, Shoots, Options And More Star Wars?

The Short Film of A4 2 A3 is finally shooting this week.  I wrote the screenplay (based on the award-winning musical by myself and Simon Barlow) to this a long while ago, after it was optioned by Joe Main.  Joe has made it happen.

It looks like another short play of mine is also being optioned – more when it’s official.

Speaking of unofficial, I’ve just handed in a script for another Star Wars project and it looks like Randy Stradley (fast becoming my favourite guy) may have something else he wants me to write.

Meanwhile, a guy called Corax (i’m going to assume that’s his real name) contacted me to let me know that there are some preview pics up at the Dark Horse Website for Star Wars: Invasion #1.  Go.  Look.


The second Invasion prequel story will be appearing at Friday if you live in the US or Saturday for Australians… if you live in a timezone other than those two, I imagine it will still be appearing around then.

Lastly, I was mentioned in two separate articles in The Age today.

The Teatowel Was My Jedi Robe‘ – written by my becoming-hideously-famous friend Lawrence Leung.  If you haven’t seen Lawrence’s brilliant TV show ‘Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure’, track it down, it’s great.

The other article was ‘The Fan Force‘ by Jake Wilson.  I even got a pic in the paper for that one.

Check them out Star Wars Fans.

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4 Responses to “Press, Previews, Shoots, Options And More Star Wars?”

  1. Corax says:

    You’re turning out to be quite popular with Mr. Stradley, congratulations :)

  2. Corax says:

    Hey Tom I found the solicitation for Invasion #3!! Sounds awesome and Jo Chen’s cover is gorgeous :)

    I’m pretty sure you already have seen it but here it is again ;)

  3. Tom says:

    You get everything before me, Corax. Thanks.

  4. Corax says:

    Your welcome Tom :) I’m just so excited about this series, it’s going to be great!