Reviews For Star Wars: Invasion #5

Yep, it’s review time again.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t read a truly negative review since issue 2.  So, clearly we’re doing something right.  I’ll update this post as they come in but, already, there are some very nice reviews coming in for Star Wars: invasion #5.

The Comic Center devotes an entire video episode to Star Wars comics and has some nice things to say about Invasion.

“It’s good.  It’s really good.” “Tom Taylor is writing some really good dialogue.”  “…the Star Wars Invasion one-shot from Dark Horse… just came out.  Search it out.  Pick it up.  I love it.”

- Comic Centre

From Undercover Fanboy.

“…the interaction between the Solos twins and Leia and Anakin about the death of Chewbacca was worth the price of admission. Writer Tom Taylor is doing an amazing job writing established characters while covering new ground at the same time.  Here’s to hoping that Invasion will be the new series Dark Horse was talking about (and) Tom Taylor will still be the writer…”


- Undercover Fanboy

We come in for more praise from the good people over at NJOE.

“This was a spectacular ending to an outstanding new series.”


Meanwhile, EU Cantina has updated with reviews for issue 1-4.

You can read reviews of all four issues here, here, here and here.

They have consistently give us 4-4.5 Sith Hounds…

How is our rating system done? Click to find out!

I find this amusing…

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