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I haven’t read one negative review of Star Wars: Blood Ties A tale of Jango and Boba Fett #1… which is just strange.  Normally, I’ll find one that rips through us for one reason or another, but not here.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Blood Ties is off to a great start. This is one of those Expanded Universe stories that feels like it was genuinely written to tell a compelling story, not simply to expand upon or illuminate corners of the Star Wars universe. Aside from establishing a moving and believable relationship between the two main characters, Taylor has crafted a story that seems to be prepared to expand its theme beyond the two in a way that can be equally rewarding. Chris Scalf’s art is not only amazing (as it generally is) but also does just as much as the writing in the way of revealing Jango’s feelings for Boba, and in equally subtle ways. Writer Tom Taylor does a superb job of making Jango’s tough love on Boba never feel like anything other than love (though Jango would probably never admit that himself). If the chemistry between Taylor and Scalf remains this good throughout the series, this could turn out to be one of the better Fett tales of recent time.- THE SCI-FI BLOCK

“What immediately stood out about this issue was the art. I’d never seen Chris Scalf’s work before. But it’s beautiful, and really suits the Star Wars universe. He seems to do almost everything well. The faces look like the actors from Attack of the Clones and carry emotion perfectly, the action sequences look beautiful, and the story flows well.  It’s clear that Jango and Boba love each other dearly, but the tough-love scenarios young Boba is forced to go through make for a nice, meaty story. I’d forgotten how good Star Wars comics can be when they’re done well.  And this one is certainly done well. ” - PRIMARY IGNITION.COM

“The comic sets up a great ending which will have you crying for more! While the story for the most part remains in the “past”, the mission will obviously have ramifications for Boba later in the issues to come. The Fetts get an assignment from Lord Tyranus to take out a target with sensitive information about the operations at Kamino, and must be removed from the galactic playing field. The mysterious target’s identity is revealed on the last page with a continued bar interrupting all the excitement! (I can’t spoil everything after all.) Head out and get yours or click the link below and order yours! You won’t regret it.” - EU CANTINA

Even IGN liked it.

“Various Expanded Universe stories have attempted to flesh him out and provide him with an actual backstory, and all to varying degrees of success. George Lucas’ own attempts in Episode II left me a bit cold, but Tom Taylor does a better job here of exploring the father/son dynamic between Jango and his cloned child. The first half of this issue focuses on the lessons and training Jango imparts to Boba. Taylor strikes that necessary balance between loving father and gruff, loner mercenary in Jango’s portrayal. As for Boba, Taylor makes it clear that Boba had a talent for dealing death and destruction even at an early age.” - IGN

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2 Responses to “Star Wars: Blood Ties Reviews”

  1. PFA says:

    IGN liked it??? W*F!!! Well, Taylor, what can we say, you´re incredible! I love the cliffangers and turns in all yours histories. And Chris Scalf art, that´s pretty beatiful. Scalf is my new favorite SW Comic Artist (I´m really sorry Jan Duursema, I´m very sorry).
    Impressive, pretty impressive and remember…
    “No desintegrations”

  2. Tom says:

    Cheers, Pablo.