Rombies – Rising Soon

And so it begins…

Rombies #1

by Tom Taylor, Skye Ogden & Mikiko Ponczek

A father’s sorrow.

An unbearable heartache.

His desperate action, though wrought of love, unwittingly unleashes a dark force in the time of Emperor Titus.

A dark force that can be… harnessed?

Tying to real life historical events and crossing the paths of real life historical figures, our story twists, turns and weaves its way through theologies and empires, leaving no one unscathed, be they citizen, soldier or Senator.

Written by Tom Taylor
Illustrated by Skye Ogden
Colours by Mikiko Ponczek

24 pages, FC  | View all issues of ROMBIES

“…a captivating new take on both history and horror. A carefully laid Roman Road of brilliant mythos and endless macabre potential” - Nicole Sixx- Comic Booked

“Awesome start. Can’t wait to read the rest.” - Bruce Moyle – Cool Shite

“This blew me away!” – Kris Bather – Extra Sequential

Don’t forget, you can ‘Be A Rombies Extra‘.  Just post a picture of yourself up at the facebook page for the chance to shuffle along the streets of ancient Rome.

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One Response to “Rombies – Rising Soon”

  1. Nicole says:

    Loved all that I’ve read from it so far, can’t wait to read more! – N