Surprise! The Example Began Shooting Yesterday.

After several setbacks over several years for the film adaptation of The Example, I’ve been very quiet about this new possibility.

However, with this third option, it looks like it is truly going ahead. In fact, I’ve finished the tweaks to the screenplay, it has a wonderful cast, it has a wonderful director, and it began shooting… last night.

Yes, the short film of The Example began shooting last night in Sydney at Green Park Station thanks to the incredible efforts of award-winning director, Jennifer Perott and producer Jiao Chen – both of whom had to get a lot out of me during an insanely busy time (Thanks guys. Well done.)  The Example has a fantastic cast in…

John Batchelor (Underbelly: Razor, Red Dog, Sea Patrol)

And Kelly Paterniti (Griff The Invisible, Cops L.A.C.)

Go well, people. Can’t wait to see it.

Although this is an adaptation of my original play, The Example is also available as a one-shot comic from Gestalt Publishing, illustrated by the man, the legend, Colin Wilson. It can be purchased right here for less than a coffee.

Buy it right here.

“This book should be used in writing classes everywhere, and should be the primary example (no pun intended) for aspiring comic writers to reference when trying to learn how to write dramatic and compelling dialogue.”
– Newsarama

“Brief Cases, late trains, and small talk add up to what is probably the best comic of the year!“ “Taylor and Wilson collaborate to create one of the most tension filled comics I have ever read.”
– The

“Like Watchmen, it uses a simple 9 panel grid on almost every page, but you won’t even notice. I mean, this is just two people talking at an empty suburban space, yet you’ll be lost in the world it creates.”
– Comic Book Jesus

“…as effing good as the accolades suggest.”
– Broken Frontier

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