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Supanova Expo Brisbane!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Yes.  I’m a guest of Supanova this weekend in Brisbane. It will be huge. Val Kilmer is also a guest, as is Christopher Lloyd.

We’ll be doing a launch of The Deep: Here Be Dragons in the wrestling ring on the Saturday at 3pm.  Neil Kaplan is launching it.  He was Optimus Prime. You want it. Optimus says so.

I’m supposed to be packing as I have to leave on a plane in not enough hours time and I’m supposed to sleep a bit first.  So I’ll get back to that.

If you’re in Brisbane. You should come to this!

My San Diego Comic-Con Schedule

Monday, July 18th, 2011

In about eight hours, the San Diego adventure begins for 2011.

And, because it’s yet another way to put off my packing, I’m posting my schedule for the Con.

With the dual releases of The Deep and Rombies #1, I will be spending most of the con at the Gestalt Comics booth – booth 4500 and 4501. I will be signing every day at 2pm (except Friday – Friday is Star Wars day) but I’ll probably be hanging out there a fair bit aside from my official signing. This year Gestalt are incredibly well represented, and the booth will be full of great Australian creators (and just damn fine people) in Ben Templesmith, Nicola Scott, Justin Randall, Andrew Constant, Christian Read, Emily Smith, Rombies artist and Gestalt Art Director, Skye Ogden and, of course, the head huncho, Wolfgang Bylsma.
The full signing schedule for Gestalt is right here –

Tom Taylor & James Brouwer
ROMBIES #1Tom Taylor &
Skye Ogden

And on Friday, July 22, 1 p.m.–2 p.m., Room 7AB. I will be part of…

The SDCC – Star Wars Panel!

“In celebration of what seems like a lifetime of collaboration between Star Wars and Dark Horse Comics, we’re unleashing a panel of Star Wars comics giants just for you, the fan!

Share favorite moments in Star Wars comics with our resident Jedi, Randy Stradley, and a host of Star Wars guests from comics and beyond, including Mick Harrison (Dark Times—in his first public appearance!), Dark Horse editor Dave Marshall, writers Scott Allie (Jedi: The Dark Side), John Jackson Miller (Knight Errant), and Tom Taylor (Invasion), as well as Dave Filoni (director of The Clone Wars TV show), artists the Fillbach brothers (The Clone Wars comics), Leland Y. Chee (Lucasfilm’s “Keeper of the Holocron”), author Timothy Zahn (Choices of One), Shelly Shapiro (editor at large, Del Rey), and more.

Plus, there will be an exclusive Knight Errant print for attendees and a chance to win a custom stormtrooper helmet illustrated by Chris Scalf (Blood Ties)!

Oh yeah, and you certainly won’t want to miss the exciting news about the future of Star Wars digital comics . . .”

After this panel, myself and many other Star Wars creators will be signing at the Dark Horse booth. Feel free to bring along anything you’d like me scrawl on.

Also, check the brilliant Chris Scalf stormtrooper helmet you can win.

Torn by Andrew Constant, Nicola Scott & Joh James
Tom Taylor & James Brouwer
Andrew Constant, Nicola Scott & Joh James
Christian Read & Michael Maier
ROMBIES #1Tom Taylor &
Skye Ogden

Guest at Supanova Sydney and Perth

Friday, June 17th, 2011

This weekend I will be a guest at Supanova Sydney and I’ll be in Perth the weekend after that.

Packing my bags now to see my Supanova family – Danny Z, Fel, Dion, Quinny, Missy, Moyle, Chris, Dee, Skye, Sam and Nicole – Yes, I guarantee I’ve forgotten someone (sorry!)

Oh wait… the McEwens – EVS! ;)

A whole bunch of friends and fellow comics creators are also guests in Sydney including the wonderful Nicola Scott, the Aurealis award-winning, Justin Randall (go, Randall), Paul Jenkins (be nice to him, he’s a Crystal Palace supporter), Jon Sommariva, Stewart McKenny, Billy Tan, Doug Holgate, Dave Johnson, David Finch and Ben Templesmith (who wears hats now. He got me on to twitter, I got him on to hats). Not to mention, author friends, Marianne De Pierres and Jennifer Fallon.  ‘Torn’ writer, Andrew Constant, will also be lurking around the convention.

Come say hi to all of us or Tom Felton will put a curse on you with Barbara Eden.

Huge thanks to my sponsor, Gestalt Comics!

Masterclass and Panel at the Nexus Festival

Monday, May 9th, 2011

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Colin Wilson and I are guests of NEXUS- Festival of Animation, Comics, Graphic Novels + Moving Image.

I completely neglected to post about this, so please spread the word, all Melbournites.

Colin and I will be running a comic book Master Class on the Tuesday from 3-6pm which we’d love to see YOU at. We will also be part of a panel discussion on Sequential art and Narrative at the ungodly time of 10am on the Wednesday – For anyone who doesn’t know, I write until obscenely late at night.  I don’t normally agree to do things in the morning… I will try to be coherent.

We will also be signing at a booth from 1pm (a much more reasonable time) until 5pm on the Wednesday.  We will have plenty of copies of our work available, including our new Star Wars Invasion: Rescues TPB and Colin may also be doing commissions.


$10 NMIT Student, $20 External.
Building F: Level 1


Free NMIT Student, $5 External
Building F: Level 1

Building B: B Space Gallery

Please click the pic for more details, including other guests and activities.

Free Comic Book Day Signing at All Star Comics

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

To celebrate one of the greatest days of the year – Free Comic Book Day – I will be signing alongside Colin Wilson at Melbourne’s newest comic book store, All-Star Comics, at 410 Lonsdale Street on May 7 from 2pm-3pm. There will be some other great creators signing during the day, including Tristan Jones of TMNT and Ghostbusters fame and Heavy Metal Magazine’s, Katie Houghton Ward.

We may have some of our newest books available (depending on publishers and international mail) for sale but, getting into the spirit, Colin and I will also have a limited amount of our own comics to give away for FREE. So, come down. Support a brand new store. Get free comics.

Armageddon Expo – This Weekend

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

This weekend in Melbourne, I’m a guest at the Armageddon Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Building (‘Jeff’s Shed’, for those in the know).

Colin Wilson and I will be signing all weekend and we will have a pile of books available.

There are a heap of other comic book guests including the great Darick Robertson, Daniel Way, Georges Jeanty, the brilliant Stewart McKenny, Chris Sequeira and more.  Come see us… we get lonely.

There are also a bunch of TV/Movies stars which you can check out here –

And the *Cartoon/Anime people, including John DiMaggio, can be found right here –

*please note:  The Cartoon/Anime people are involved in the making of cartoons and anime.  They are not walking, talking cartoons.  We apologise for any people who were expecting a ‘Roger Rabbit” experience.

San Diego Comic-Con. When I’ll Be Where.

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con is almost here and, once again, I will brave man-made flight machines with Colin Wilson to get there.

This con is looking a lot busier than the last one.  I will be signing for The Authority at the DC booth every day.  I will also be signing with Colin at the Dark Horse Booth on ‘Star Wars Day’ (Friday) and, on the Saturday, I will be part of the Wildstorm: Stormfront Panel with some great talent. I will also be signing at booth 4500 for Gestalt Publishing and generally hanging around that area as Colin Wilson has his own table at this year’s SDCC with Dave Dorman (which I’m apparently sitting at too).  If you’re around, come say hi.


12-1pm: SIGNING @ DC booth (#1915)


12:00-1:00: SIGNING @ Dark Horse booth

2-3pm: SIGNING @ DC booth


1-2pm: SIGNING @ DC booth

6:30 to 7:30 p.m. WildStorm: Storm Front Panel

What’s new in the WildStorm Universe? VP/general manager Hank Kanalz  and senior editor Ben Abernathy bring you up to speed with this inside look into DC’s wildest imprint. Joining Hank and Ben will be Adam Beechen (WildCats), Kurt Busiek  (Astro City), Darick Robertson (Fringe: Tales From the Fringe), Tom Taylor (The Authority), Tim Seeley  (WildCats), Adam Archer (Ratchet and Clank), Cruddie Torian (Gen13) and others. Room 4


2:30-3:30pm: SIGNING @ DC booth


Sleeping… hard.

Two Months. Eight Planes. Convention Time.

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I hate flying.  This has not been helped by the fact that Colin Wilson and I almost always almost die on planes. But, this week, I will board the first of eight planes to begin a busy convention period.

With the birth of our second child, moving house, and a bigger pile of work than I have ever known, I haven’t been around cons much this year… but this is all set to change.  On Friday, I’m heading to Sydney where I’m a guest of Supanova.  The following weekend I will be flying to Perth, also for Supanova.  Colin Wilson and I will be signing at our booth at both conventions as well as Gestalt Publishing‘s booth and we will also be running a few panels.

There are some other great guests at Supanova too – Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter, Joe Kubert, Daniel Logan (Boba Fett – the guy I’ve been writing for the last few months), Stuart Immonen, Lou Ferrigno (who I once arm wrestled), Shane McCarthy, Nicola Scott (who has promised to illustrate my Superman when I get to write him), Summer Glau, Stewart McKenny… and heaps more – see the list.

After the locals are done, I’ll then be heading over to San Diego for the big one.

Drop by.  Get something signed – it doesn’t have to be a comic, I will deface anything.

Speaking At The Emerging Writers’ Festival With Warwick Holt

Friday, May 28th, 2010

This weekend, I will be speaking on the ‘Collaboration Nation’ panel at the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

Four people were asked to speak on the panel.  In a bizarre coincidence, an old friend of mine, Warwick Holt (Wok) is another one of those four.

Wok is a TV writer currently working on ‘Good News Week’ and a new ABC sitcom ‘Bruce’.  He has also written for The Glasshouse, The Sideshow and he directed and produced the brilliant Star Wars doco “The Phandom Menace”.  He and I have decided, as the panel is about collaboration, to collaborate and join our ten minute speeches together into one, incredible, 20 minute collaborative effort on the nature of collaboration… this may not work.

But, if you want to see our heartfelt attempt, come along to the Yarra Room of the Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday the 30th of May at 1.45.

You may need to book or something…

Another Signing In Perth. Comic Zone.

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Next week, Gestalt Publishing are flying me to Perth for GESTALTAPALOOZA! While I’m over there I will also be signing on Saturday 20th at ‘Comic Zone’ – 572 Hay Street from 11am.

I’ll be signing any Star Wars: Invasion, The Example, Rombies, Flinch and Star Wars: Adventures anyone wants to shove in my face.  If you have anything else you’d like me to deface, that’s cool too.

comiczoneMy new DC/Wildstorm writing gig should be made public by then (should be early next week) so feel free to ask me questions about that (most of which I won’t be able to answer).