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Thursday, June 14th, 2012

I’ll be a guest at Supanova Sydney and Perth over the next two weekends.

The guest list is an impressive one and the the list of comic book guests in particular is fantastic – Internationals like Tony Moore and David Mack joining Australian heavyweights Nicola Scott, Andrew Constant, Christian Read, Wolfgang Bylsma, Ashley Wood and many more. Here’s my guest page.

Really looking forward to seeing all the fans, the Supanova crew, my Gestalt brethren, Christopher Lloyd and the Kirby Krackle boys.

Nicola Scott and my digital Batman story comes out in-between Sydney and Perth and, unfortunately, Nicola won’t be in Perth. However, I’ve come up with the perfect solution for how to get your Batman signed. Just ask Nicola and I to sign your iPad screen in permanent marker and, when it comes out next Thursday, you can download it and it will already be signed.  Brilliant.

Supanova Expo Brisbane!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Yes.  I’m a guest of Supanova this weekend in Brisbane. It will be huge. Val Kilmer is also a guest, as is Christopher Lloyd.

We’ll be doing a launch of The Deep: Here Be Dragons in the wrestling ring on the Saturday at 3pm.  Neil Kaplan is launching it.  He was Optimus Prime. You want it. Optimus says so.

I’m supposed to be packing as I have to leave on a plane in not enough hours time and I’m supposed to sleep a bit first.  So I’ll get back to that.

If you’re in Brisbane. You should come to this!

Guest at Supanova Sydney and Perth

Friday, June 17th, 2011

This weekend I will be a guest at Supanova Sydney and I’ll be in Perth the weekend after that.

Packing my bags now to see my Supanova family – Danny Z, Fel, Dion, Quinny, Missy, Moyle, Chris, Dee, Skye, Sam and Nicole – Yes, I guarantee I’ve forgotten someone (sorry!)

Oh wait… the McEwens – EVS! ;)

A whole bunch of friends and fellow comics creators are also guests in Sydney including the wonderful Nicola Scott, the Aurealis award-winning, Justin Randall (go, Randall), Paul Jenkins (be nice to him, he’s a Crystal Palace supporter), Jon Sommariva, Stewart McKenny, Billy Tan, Doug Holgate, Dave Johnson, David Finch and Ben Templesmith (who wears hats now. He got me on to twitter, I got him on to hats). Not to mention, author friends, Marianne De Pierres and Jennifer Fallon.  ‘Torn’ writer, Andrew Constant, will also be lurking around the convention.

Come say hi to all of us or Tom Felton will put a curse on you with Barbara Eden.

Huge thanks to my sponsor, Gestalt Comics!

Tides of Hope

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Written and illustrated by some of the world’s finest creators, ‘Tides of Hope‘ will be sold exclusively at the upcoming Brisbane and Melbourne Supanovas, with 100% of profits going to Queensland flood-relief charity activities.

Colin Wilson and I contributed this one page story for Tides of Hope, which I’ve been told I can share here. Click the image for a full resolution version.

Sadly, this isn’t the only charity comic I’ve been asked to contribute to recently, and there will be more coming, but at a time when the internet has been connecting each of us to some shocking, unfolding disasters in real time, it’s nice to be given the opportunity to help in a small way.

Some fantastic international talents like Chris Claremont, Leinil Francis Yu, Paul Jenkins, Alex Maleev, Greg Capullo and Arthur Suydam have contributed to this publication, alongside a ‘who’s who’ of Australian comics creators in Ben Templesmith, Stewart McKenny, Andie Tong, Jon Sommariva, Doug Holgate, Paul Bedford, Jeff Cruz, Bernard Caleo, Jason Franks and many more.  Special mention and thanks must go to Chris Sequiera and Tim McEwen (EVS) who put all of this together, and also contributed work themselves.

Two Months. Eight Planes. Convention Time.

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I hate flying.  This has not been helped by the fact that Colin Wilson and I almost always almost die on planes. But, this week, I will board the first of eight planes to begin a busy convention period.

With the birth of our second child, moving house, and a bigger pile of work than I have ever known, I haven’t been around cons much this year… but this is all set to change.  On Friday, I’m heading to Sydney where I’m a guest of Supanova.  The following weekend I will be flying to Perth, also for Supanova.  Colin Wilson and I will be signing at our booth at both conventions as well as Gestalt Publishing‘s booth and we will also be running a few panels.

There are some other great guests at Supanova too – Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter, Joe Kubert, Daniel Logan (Boba Fett – the guy I’ve been writing for the last few months), Stuart Immonen, Lou Ferrigno (who I once arm wrestled), Shane McCarthy, Nicola Scott (who has promised to illustrate my Superman when I get to write him), Summer Glau, Stewart McKenny… and heaps more – see the list.

After the locals are done, I’ll then be heading over to San Diego for the big one.

Drop by.  Get something signed – it doesn’t have to be a comic, I will deface anything.

Supanova Part 2 – Brisbane (90% Humidity)

Monday, April 13th, 2009


Write us, Taylor. WRITE US!!!


I hate planes.

We took off into the storm, lightning flashing around us, insane turbulence forcing our stomachs into our brains.  The cabin crew’s toothy grins couldn’t conceal the terror behind their eyes as we were surrounded by the  sound of a waterfall on a tin roof for twenty minutes.  A PLANE SHOULD NOT SOUND LIKE TIN!

I later learned that we were one of the only planes to make it out of Melbourne airport that afternoon.  Clearly the airport saw the hell we barely made it through and decided we were the only ones they should risk; I, Colin Wilson and Ernie Dingo (sitting behind us in a Hungry Jacks suit for some reason…?) were the test dummies.

Landing was fine until the plane doors opened, at which stage we were enveloped in a Brisbane bath of 90% humidity.

I was in desperate need for food by the time we reached the hotel, the sort of hunger that can only be created by fearing for one’s life.

Jhonen Vasquez was bored in the lobby and offered to help me track down food.  We ventured out to heat… heat and people!  The streets of Brisbane were crammed full of people, adding their own mix of teenage deodorant, sweat and tears to the humidity.  Jhonen longed for Melbourne and so did I.   I literally swallowed a subway sub in one mouthful and introduced Jhonen to Boost juice… ah, boost juice; sugar masquerading as health food.

Then it was off to preview night, where we were introduced to a sea of screaming fans (never a bad thing – unless they’re screaming for the wrong reason – fire, for instance).  After the introductions, Colin, Jhonen and I were stuck awkwardly on stage in front of the crowd until Todd McFarlane rubbed the head of our brilliant MC, Quinny.  This sent a mist of hot-stage-lights-and-Brisbane-induced-sweat towards us, and Jhonen, Colin and I used the horror-sweat-mist to run from the stage to safety.

Colin and I then held a comic book masterclass which went really well and we sold a pile of our new book ‘The Example‘ to some very eager people, a lot of whom came back the next day to tell us how much they liked it – thank you all!  Then we went for Turkish, which looked like this…


Jhonen Vasquez and I show the food we can’t possibly finish while Colin Wilson falls asleep having managed to eat all of his.

The next day they piled us all on the bus to take us to the venue.  Colin and I quickly established ourselves at the back of the bus – being the cool kids.  It quickly became clear that comic book people sat at the back of the bus and we were joined by the awesome Nicola Scott and, the legend, Todd McFarlane.


Todd McFarlane reads the Example (at the back of the bus).  That’s Hayden Panettiere in front of him, sitting dangerously close to the cool kids.

Our bus literally had to drive through people as we approached the venue and the lines for Supanova snaked around a car park, out into the street and around the block (they had over 15,000 people through).

A long day of signing was broken up by a Star Wars: Invasion Q&A, which was very well attended – people are pumped for our book… for the record, so are we.


This guy was also looking forward to Invasion.

Colin and I met some great people throughout the day, including Amber Benson and Adam Busch (Tara and Warren from Buffy).  On the show, Adam killed Amber.  In real life, they’re a couple.  It’s funny how things work out.  Amber, among a thousand other things, has written comics for Dark Horse (small world).  In a fit of boredom / insanity Adam and I decided to head out into the centre of the convention and sing a duet of ‘I’m the one who wants to be with you’ on Singstar.  This turned a few heads and we had a large, bewildered crowd as the Star Wars writer and the guy who had his skin ripped off on TV looked lovingly into each others eyes.


Adam Busch and I have a moment before our duet, while Amber Benson looks on, possibly with jealousy.

More later…

Supanova – Part 1 – Melbourne.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

And so it begins…

My first con as an actual ‘special guest’ is over.  I wrote my name hundreds of times, I posed for photos, I talked and talked and talked, I plugged and sold our books, I met new and, occasionally very interesting, people and I very publicly ruined a surprise birthday party for a 70-year-old-man in front of a lot of celebrities.

Colin Wilson and I also delivered a comic book masterclass and a Star Wars: Invasion Q&A, both of which went really well, and I could (scarily) answer almost every Star Wars question posed of me.

I was fine chatting with the film and TV stars but was slightly awed at meeting Jhonen Vasquez whose work I’ve loved for years, particularly the stunning Invader Zim – one of the finest animated TV shows to ever grace the screen.

Jhonen Vasquez and I let our emotions run wild.

Jhonen and I sit in my booth at the end of a long con.

Jhonen actually turned out to be a really good guy and a Mr Bungle fan!  We had some good chats but he still turned down the opportunity to come to the zoo with me and my three-year-old son (I’m staggered) opting instead to visit my friend’s games company.

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of ‘The Example‘.  We sold a fair few of them, so hopefully you all liked it.  I must say it was a thrill signing the first one.

Whilce Portacio (X-men, Spawn and about 5000 other things) was also a great, approachable, guy to chat with, with some great inside stories from the comic book world.

For Colin and I this is the beginning of a long season of cons this year, Brisbane is next weekend then we head to San Diego and there’s more on the horizon.  Good times.

colin-and-tomColin and I toast our books.

More next week after Brisbane.

Tom Taylor – Appearing At Supanova Melbourne and Brisbane. Star Wars.

Saturday, January 24th, 2009
I will be a special guest at the Melbourne and Brisbane Supanova pop culture expos in March and April.
With our new Star Wars series being announced soon in the US, Colin Wilson and I will be using these cons as our own a mini-launch of the Dark Horse series.  We will also be plugging ‘Flinch’ and my upcoming Graphic Novel ‘Brief Cases’ both coming out through Gestalt Comics.

With names like Jhonen Vasquez and Todd McFarlane attached, these should be great events.

According to the Supanova website, I will be doing free signings on the Saturday and Sunday… I’m not sure what I’m signing yet.  If you have anything at home you’d like me to deface, bring it along.

Click the picture to go to my guest page.