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The Deep – The Vanishing Island is Here! An Underwater Christmas Miracle

Monday, December 24th, 2012

It’s the night before Christmas, and what lands in Australia?

The Vanishing Island from Brouwer and Taylor!

Yes, advance copies of the second volume of The Deep touched down in Australia a couple of hours ago and it is now available from our distributor Madman and direct from Gestalt Publishing.
This is, without a doubt, the book I am most proud to be a part of of this year. James Brouwer’s art is even better here than it was in the first volume, and he and publisher and editor, Wolfgang Bylsma, have worked tirelessly to make this book happen. Thank you so much to James and Wolf, along with Gary, Skye and everyone at Gestalt Comics.
“…reading The Deep makes me happy.” says Joe Kelly in his wonderful foreword, “Pure, unadulterated, non-cynical, I’m-eight-years-old-and-what’s-under-the-Christmas-tree-happy.”
I have to say, in all the long hours sitting at this computer, I am never happier than when I’m creating The Deep and telling the tales of the joyous family Nekton.

The Vanishing Island will be in stores very soon and we will also be bringing you news of an official launch but, if you’d like to get it earlier, get ordering from here and here!

• The sequel to the Aurealis Award Winner for ‘Best Graphic Novel of 2011’ is here!
• When an island is ‘completely not hit by a tsunami’, a new investigation begins for the daring aquanauts, the Nekton family.

Danger, secrets, peril, ancient messages, shocking revelations, and the first word to rhyme with ‘orange’.

The Nektons are back, along with Jeffrey the Fish, in an adventure every bit as mysterious as the deep blue sea.

“Not only does the family Nekton give younger readers an accessible, entertaining gateway into the world of comics, but they remind we elder readers why we started reading the funnies in the first place. In an industry flooded with gritty ‘realism’, have faith in more than the fish – have faith that Tom and James yet again deliver an action-packed, all-ages adventure that’s filled to the gills with heart and mystery.” - Bryan Q. Miller – Writer of the Smallville TV series, Batgirl and Teen Titans.

The Example and Rombies #0 Go Back To Press!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

This Wednesday sees the direct-market release of Rombies #0 and The Example. The release date for The Example and Rombies #0 has actually had to be pushed to this Wednesday as both books have had to go back for a second printing!  Yes, both books are sold out and are going back to press.

A huge congratulations to Wolfgang Bylsma, Colin Wilson, Skye Ogden and Gestalt Publishing.  It’s awesome to see these Australian-made books cracking the international market and kicking head.

So remember, wherever you are in the world this Wednesday (Thursday in Australia), head into a comic store and pick up a copy of Rombies and The Example.  If they don’t have any copies, rant at them.  If an Australian comic store hasn’t ordered any copies, stage a sit-in protest.

A comic store would be a great place for a sit-in protest; you could read comics while calmly demonstrating your outrage.

Praise for Rombies

A large part of the book’s success stems from the stellar artwork of Skye Ogden. Working in a slightly cartoony style, Ogden’s art is lively and leaps off the page without sacrificing a stunning attention to detail. The Coliseum and its gladiators are beautifully rendered, featuring exquisite period design elements and decorative flairs. His figures are robust and expressive, the pencils impeccably inked with a nice heavy line that lends each character weight and solidity. It’s a unique style, wonderfully matched to Tom Taylor’s crisp, fast-paced script.  Like his collaborator’s artwork, Taylor’s script achieves a fine balance between levity and real emotional moments… Taylor delivers a rousing, fun story even if it’s steeped in half-devoured corpses and rivers of blood.” – Broken Frontier

“Did I get what I expected out of this book? No, I got a hell of a lot more. I loved the animated style artwork, and hey how can you not love a zombie lion? The story was done right. It didn’t go where I thought it would, which is a good thing. It’s not a B-movie story that is told here. It is an action pack death fest. I will say this, if Romero directed Gladiator this is what it would have looked like. Check this one out, it is highly enjoyable and I think a must read for zombie fans. 4 stars”

And The Example

“This Schrödinger’s Cat scenario is explored comprehensively via Taylor’s rhythmic dialogue. Sam and Chris riposte to and fro with the sort of casual offhandedness afforded to transient relationships. It’s almost flirtatious, but never dull, and the naturalness of their humour contrasts beautifully with the silent menace of the briefcase… a burst of applause to all concerned, and a note to other creators and publishers out there – this is an example worth following.” - (Cool) Shite