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Fine Art Friday – Colin Wilson

Friday, August 26th, 2011

It’s the second ‘Fine Art Friday’!  Every Friday, I’m going to endeavor to post a piece of art from one of the truly great artists I’m lucky enough to work with, and fine artists don’t come much finer than Colin Wilson.

Colin and I work on the ongoing Star Wars: Invasion series together. We also collaborated on the ‘critical darling’ ‘The Example’ through Gestalt comics.  Colin and I are currently working on a little side project too…

Anyone who knows him, knows that Colin isn’t the biggest fan of superheroes, so, with this in mind, this piece is about as rare as they come.

Colin Wilson on, arguably, the two biggest Superheroes in the world.  And he nails it.

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And, just in, Colin’s movie finally has a release date. ‘Bullet to the Head’, based on Colin’s French graphic novel written by Matz, is due for release on April 13 2012.  The movie stars Sylvester Stallone alongside Christian Slater, Jason Momoa and Sung Kang. I’m sure they’re all very happy to be associated with Colin.

Click to buy The Example.

Colin Wilson – Sylvester Stallone. Together at last.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Yep, the Hollywood reporter, and a bunch of other sites, have announced that the film adaptation of Colin Wilson’s French comic series ‘Du Plomb Dans La Tete’ (Bullet to the Head), is going ahead.  The movie will be titled ‘Headshot’ and will star, the Italian Stallion, Sylvester Stallone.

I am now insisting Colin illustrates all of the upcoming Star Wars: Invasion pages with ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing in a loop in the background.

The English language version Colin and Matz’s comic is being collected by Dynamite Publishing this month.

Bullet To The Head – Colin Wilson

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

A quick note to say that the brilliant Colin Wilson has another series coming out this year on top of Star Wars: Invasion.  His French series ‘Bullet to the Head’ has been translated into English, and the first issue will be out in June through Dynamite.

In 2004, the book won the award for “Best Story” at the Prix Saint-Michel comics awards and the property was optioned last year by Warner Bros under the title ‘Headshot’.  Millar and Gough are attached to the project.