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Fine Art Friday – Anna Taylor – a Special Invitation

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Something a little different for the infrequent Fine Art Friday this week. Today’s artist doesn’t come from the world of comics. Today’s fine artist is the award-winning fine painter, sculptor… and my mother, Anna Taylor.

Yes. My mum has a solo exhibition coming up at the Brunswick Arts Space titled, Earthscape.

“Exploring the minutiae of the land and observing its vastness from the air inspired a consciousness of the replication of surface and pattern – the duality inherent in the macro and micro of the earth’s surface.

These works are the culmination of many years exploring these themes. Inks wash and bleed into each other on canvas. Paint and line are built up, wiped back and rebuilt – reflecting nature’s randomness and resulting in layers of colour and depth.”

If you’re in the Melbourne area, I’d love people to come along and check out the show, which runs from the opening night of Friday the 2nd of November to the 18th. See open times in the invite.

My mum’s work is stunning. Hopefully see you there!