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My San Diego Comic-Con Schedule

Monday, July 18th, 2011

In about eight hours, the San Diego adventure begins for 2011.

And, because it’s yet another way to put off my packing, I’m posting my schedule for the Con.

With the dual releases of The Deep and Rombies #1, I will be spending most of the con at the Gestalt Comics booth – booth 4500 and 4501. I will be signing every day at 2pm (except Friday – Friday is Star Wars day) but I’ll probably be hanging out there a fair bit aside from my official signing. This year Gestalt are incredibly well represented, and the booth will be full of great Australian creators (and just damn fine people) in Ben Templesmith, Nicola Scott, Justin Randall, Andrew Constant, Christian Read, Emily Smith, Rombies artist and Gestalt Art Director, Skye Ogden and, of course, the head huncho, Wolfgang Bylsma.
The full signing schedule for Gestalt is right here –

Tom Taylor & James Brouwer
ROMBIES #1Tom Taylor &
Skye Ogden

And on Friday, July 22, 1 p.m.–2 p.m., Room 7AB. I will be part of…

The SDCC – Star Wars Panel!

“In celebration of what seems like a lifetime of collaboration between Star Wars and Dark Horse Comics, we’re unleashing a panel of Star Wars comics giants just for you, the fan!

Share favorite moments in Star Wars comics with our resident Jedi, Randy Stradley, and a host of Star Wars guests from comics and beyond, including Mick Harrison (Dark Times—in his first public appearance!), Dark Horse editor Dave Marshall, writers Scott Allie (Jedi: The Dark Side), John Jackson Miller (Knight Errant), and Tom Taylor (Invasion), as well as Dave Filoni (director of The Clone Wars TV show), artists the Fillbach brothers (The Clone Wars comics), Leland Y. Chee (Lucasfilm’s “Keeper of the Holocron”), author Timothy Zahn (Choices of One), Shelly Shapiro (editor at large, Del Rey), and more.

Plus, there will be an exclusive Knight Errant print for attendees and a chance to win a custom stormtrooper helmet illustrated by Chris Scalf (Blood Ties)!

Oh yeah, and you certainly won’t want to miss the exciting news about the future of Star Wars digital comics . . .”

After this panel, myself and many other Star Wars creators will be signing at the Dark Horse booth. Feel free to bring along anything you’d like me scrawl on.

Also, check the brilliant Chris Scalf stormtrooper helmet you can win.

Torn by Andrew Constant, Nicola Scott & Joh James
Tom Taylor & James Brouwer
Andrew Constant, Nicola Scott & Joh James
Christian Read & Michael Maier
ROMBIES #1Tom Taylor &
Skye Ogden

Goodbye 2010 and thanks to a lot of people.

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Happy New Year, everyone!

The ‘End of Year Comic Awards‘ over at NFAMOUS.NET have given ‘Best Miniseries’ to Star Wars: Blood Ties, which was also nominated for ‘Best Limited Series or One Shot’ over at COMICBOOKED.COM “…this piece is truly perfect. Perfect in art, perfect in literature, and perfect in Star Wars. Also, Boba Fett takes down a rancor.” – COMICBOOKED.COM

‘The best Damn Comics of 2010′ over at the ‘The Daily Cross Hatch’ also saw The Example get some love.

A huge year of writing comics has come to an end and I decided to do a bit of a review… then I changed my mind and just made a collage – a visual representation of how much sleep I missed last year.

Yep, all of these books came out in 2010 – that’s two for every month.

A huge thanks to all of the people I was lucky enough to work with in 2010

Thanks to all of the artists – Colin Wilson, Chris Scalf, Al Barrionuevo, Mike S Miller, Skye Ogden, Daxiong, Brian Koschak, James Brouwer, Wes Dzioba, Mike Heisler and Em Smith.

To my wonderful editors – Randy Stradley, Jim Chadwick, Wolfgang Bylsma, Freddye Lins, Kristy Quinn, Gary Edwards, Shannon Eric Denton and Ben Abernathy.

To the ridiculous wealth of cover artists – Jo Chen, Dave Gibbons, Kevin Nowlan, Philip Tan, Pete Woods,  Howard Porter, Chris Sprouse, Tim Seeley, Sean McNally and Jeremy Raapack.

And of course, an enormous thank you to every single person who read my books in 2010.  THANK YOU!

This year is already looking enormous, with a pile of work due for publication and some hints of more big gigs in the pipeline – 2011 preview post coming soon…