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Technicolor Options Rights to Tom Taylor and James Brouwer’s Award-Winning Graphic Novel Series, THE DEEP.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

The sea is deep and full of secrets… and we’ve been working away in secret on this for a VERY long time.

It’s great to finally have this out in the open.

You can get both books right here –

Here’s the press release. and I’ll follow up with some thanks after the press release.

CGI Adventure Series to Mirror Broad Appeal of Tom Taylor and James Brouwer’s Worldwide Hit Property

Paris–(Marketwire – Jan 22, 2013) – Technicolor (EURONEXT PARIS: TCH) has optioned the rights for the international hit graphic novel series, THE DEEP, created by writer Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Blood Ties, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Injustice: Gods Among Us) and illustrator James Brouwer (Justice League Beyond), and published by Gestalt Comics.

The Deep: Here Be Dragons graphic novel won the Aurealis Award (Australia’s annual literary awards for science fiction, fantasy and fiction) for “Best Illustrated Book / Graphic Novel” of 2011 and was also nominated for “Best Children’s Fiction (illustrated).” Technicolor Digital Productions aims to develop and produce 26 half-hour episodes of THE DEEP, which follows the incredible adventures of a family of underwater explorers. The CGI- animated series targets Kids 8 – 12 and their families. Each self-contained episode of THE DEEP will bring the family a step closer to unraveling the mysteries of the deep sea; and every story will be filled with action, adventure, incredible sea monsters, fantastic vehicles, unbelievable bravery, and the odd family squabble, of course!

“THE DEEP is one of those unique properties that truly appeals to all ages and genders by delivering compelling entertainment in the form of enthralling adventure, heart-pounding danger, laugh out loud humor and incredible discoveries all wrapped in unbreakable familial relationships,” said Steven Wendland, Vice President, Technicolor Digital Productions. “It’s the family we all dreamed of being a part of when we were kids and are anxious and excited to share with our own children now.”

“Technicolor is the ideal animation studio to bring THE DEEP to life,” added Robert Chandler, Executive Producer, THE DEEP. “The CG team at Technicolor has the ability not only to visually knock your socks off, but also to deliver moments of tenderness, character and heart. That’s why THE DEEP and Technicolor make a great partnership. It is that special combination which leads to creating great series and stories.”

THE DEEP follows the Nekton family, comprised of the independent and fearless 12 year old Antaeus, Ant to his friends; his analytical 15 year old sister Fontaine, an astute navigator; and their parents Will, an oceanographer and former Olympic swimmer, and Kaiko, a marine biologist who is fiercely protective of all sea life, including Ant’s pet fish, Jeffrey. Continuing a long family legacy, the Nektons live aboard a state of the art submarine, The Aronnax, while exploring unchartered areas of the earth’s oceans. Each member of the family has unique skills and are all equally passionate about sea life conservation. They seek to solve the ultimate mysteries that appear to be connected to a place we know as Atlantis.

THE DEEP was created by multi-award-winning playwright, screenwriter and author Tom Taylor, best known for his many Star Wars graphic novels and comic books for Lucasfilm and Dark Horse Comics; and illustrator James Brouwer who has worked as a pre-production and concept artist on a range of film, television and games projects for major studios. Brouwer moved into comics in 2011 with The Deep: Here Be Dragons and has since illustrated for DC Comics.

Technicolor Digital Productions produces high-quality CG animation for feature films, television, direct-to-video, commercials, video games and location- based entertainment through its industry-leading production facility in Bangalore, India. The group launched its original content development initiative in 2010 and is currently in development on several projects, including Berkeley Breathed’s Pete & Pickles, and Atomic Puppet, a co-production with Mercury Filmworks. Complementing its services business with original content creation, Technical Digital Productions continues to work with major animation clients including Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation, Electronic Arts, Mattel, Rockstar Games, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Square Enix.

About Technicolor
Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, is at the forefront of digital innovation. Our world-class research and innovation laboratories enable us to lead the market in delivering advanced video services to content creators and distributors. We also benefit from an extensive intellectual property portfolio focused on imaging and sound technologies, based on a thriving licensing business. Our commitment: supporting the delivery of exciting new experiences for consumers in theaters, homes and on-the-go. Euronext Paris: TCH –

Technicolor options rights to graphic novel series, The Deep:

Some thanks.

Congratulations and thank you so much to James Brouwer and Wolfgang Bylsma, I may be a writer but I seriously can’t find the words for these two guys right now. Also, a big thanks to Skye Ogden and Gary Edwards at Gestalt Publishing.

Thank you to Kym Bagley, who reads everything I write before anyone else in the world and never gets enough credit.  Thanks to Megan, Finn and Connor, who are watching me write this at 7.30am having not gone to bed yet.

Thank you also to Robert Chandler, our friend and Producer in the UK, who has made so much of this possible and has now joined with James, Wolfgang and myself to form Nekton Productions.

And, of course, thank you to Steven Wendland, Alison Warner, Jean MacCurdy, Fonda Snyder and everyone at Technicolor, who have been a joy to work with, and have treated the Nekton family with so much respect and love.

Lastly, thank you so much to every single fan of The Deep. Thank you for buying the books, for telling your friends about them, for tweeting, for sharing, for reviewing, for blogging and, above all, thank you for having faith in the fish!


Surprise! The Example Began Shooting Yesterday.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

After several setbacks over several years for the film adaptation of The Example, I’ve been very quiet about this new possibility.

However, with this third option, it looks like it is truly going ahead. In fact, I’ve finished the tweaks to the screenplay, it has a wonderful cast, it has a wonderful director, and it began shooting… last night.

Yes, the short film of The Example began shooting last night in Sydney at Green Park Station thanks to the incredible efforts of award-winning director, Jennifer Perott and producer Jiao Chen – both of whom had to get a lot out of me during an insanely busy time (Thanks guys. Well done.)  The Example has a fantastic cast in…

John Batchelor (Underbelly: Razor, Red Dog, Sea Patrol)

And Kelly Paterniti (Griff The Invisible, Cops L.A.C.)

Go well, people. Can’t wait to see it.

Although this is an adaptation of my original play, The Example is also available as a one-shot comic from Gestalt Publishing, illustrated by the man, the legend, Colin Wilson. It can be purchased right here for less than a coffee.

Buy it right here.

“This book should be used in writing classes everywhere, and should be the primary example (no pun intended) for aspiring comic writers to reference when trying to learn how to write dramatic and compelling dialogue.”
– Newsarama

“Brief Cases, late trains, and small talk add up to what is probably the best comic of the year!“ “Taylor and Wilson collaborate to create one of the most tension filled comics I have ever read.”
– The

“Like Watchmen, it uses a simple 9 panel grid on almost every page, but you won’t even notice. I mean, this is just two people talking at an empty suburban space, yet you’ll be lost in the world it creates.”
– Comic Book Jesus

“…as effing good as the accolades suggest.”
– Broken Frontier

Fine Art Friday – Emily Smith – Vertigo Bar Fight!

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Vertigo Bar Fight!

The first time I saw Dream of the Endless being punched in the stomach by Jesse Custer, I immediately knew I wanted to work with Emily Smith. And this young, talented Perthian’s work has grown better and better since.

Em has recently finished the art on ‘Believe’, adapted from my short play of the same name. ‘Believe’ will be included in ‘Brief Cases’ from Gestalt Comics but it looks like it’s getting its own print run as a one-shot too. Really looking forward to seeing it in print and hopefully we’ll have some previews soon. Em and I are also working on one or two unannounced projects.

Here it is.  Your ‘Fine Art Friday’ from Emily Smith. Click for the full version – you’ll be happy you did.

Sorry I haven’t updated much recently.  Heaps on the go.  Almost all of it secret – movies, more Star Wars, a little something for DC, more Gestalt work on the go, and work for a couple of other publishers on top of all this. When I can say something, I will.  Hope everyone has got themselves a copy of The Deep: Here Be Dragons by now. If not, go here – Buy The Deep!

The Deep – Now On Amazon

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The Deep: Here be Dragons is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  It is also available at TFAW, Forbidden Planet and a bunch of other places.  This book is coming and it’s only $9.95.  Come ‘like’ our facebook group for exclusive sneak peaks –

Product Description

From Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Invasion, The Authority) and James Brouwer, the adventures of a multicultural family of underwater explorers begins here.

“My family are explorers.
We have been for generations.
Some argue that there is nowhere left to explore, that everything on earth that can be discovered has already been found.
They say that to truly explore we need to leave our planet.
While others look up to the stars, my family know that there are also stars beneath us, that there are an infinite number of things that shine brightly in the darkness below.
Most of our world lies unexplored, unexplained. There are things lurking in the seas that have only ever been spoken about in myth.
My family are explorers.
We have been for generations.
We explore…

…The Deep.”

Click the cover to head to the Amazon page.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 88 pages
  • Publisher: Gestalt Publishing; 1st edition (August 4, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0980782341
  • ISBN-13: 978-0980782349

Rombies – Rising Soon

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

And so it begins…

Rombies #1

by Tom Taylor, Skye Ogden & Mikiko Ponczek

A father’s sorrow.

An unbearable heartache.

His desperate action, though wrought of love, unwittingly unleashes a dark force in the time of Emperor Titus.

A dark force that can be… harnessed?

Tying to real life historical events and crossing the paths of real life historical figures, our story twists, turns and weaves its way through theologies and empires, leaving no one unscathed, be they citizen, soldier or Senator.

Written by Tom Taylor
Illustrated by Skye Ogden
Colours by Mikiko Ponczek

24 pages, FC  | View all issues of ROMBIES

“…a captivating new take on both history and horror. A carefully laid Roman Road of brilliant mythos and endless macabre potential” - Nicole Sixx- Comic Booked

“Awesome start. Can’t wait to read the rest.” - Bruce Moyle – Cool Shite

“This blew me away!” – Kris Bather – Extra Sequential

Don’t forget, you can ‘Be A Rombies Extra‘.  Just post a picture of yourself up at the facebook page for the chance to shuffle along the streets of ancient Rome.

Congratulations to Shaun Tan – Academy Award Winner!

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Holy crap.

Gestalt Publishing colleague, Shaun Tan, has just won an Academy Award for ‘The Lost Thing.’

Congrats to an incredibly talented and humble guy. Truly deserving of this award and many others.

With Shaun Tan and Wolfgang Bylsma at the launch of Flinch and The Example.

Changing Ways

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Justin Randall and I have crossed paths a number of times.  They’ve always been strange, but fun, encounters.

The last time we were together, we were in a car late at night.  We were being driven around Perth by our friend, and the head of Gestalt Publishing, Wolfgang Bylsma.  I was in the front passenger seat, Randall was in the back seat behind me.  He was, oddly, quite convinced that we were being followed by helicopters.  Then he announced a spider had fallen out of his nose and was in the car with us… I still don’t know if this was true.

Randall is perhaps best known for his work on 30 Days of Night and Silent Hill.  However, as of last week he will be best known for his creator-owned book Changing Ways.  I was thrilled and honoured to be asked to write the forward to, what I believe, is probably the best piece of work to be published in the medium in this country – Yep, this thing of great production quality, beauty and fear came out of Australia.   It is now in stores.  If your local comic book store doesn’t have it, threaten them.

Check out the full trailer below.  Warning: It’s violent and creepy.

From my forward…

“Changing Ways grabbed me by the eyeballs and wouldn’t let go until it was done. The art demands you stop and admire every extraordinarily rendered panel, while the tension of this perfectly-paced thriller forces you to turn the page.” – Me.

From Colin

“Dark, moody, menacing.  Good comics stories do this stuff really well, and Changing Ways is excellent! - Colin Wilson

From Templesmith

“It’s like a punch to the scrotum with the aftertaste of a tickling feather. Changing Ways is a hard road, full of broken glass and broken dreams. Too cool to say no to.” - Ben Templesmith