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The Deep – The Vanishing Island is Here! An Underwater Christmas Miracle

Monday, December 24th, 2012

It’s the night before Christmas, and what lands in Australia?

The Vanishing Island from Brouwer and Taylor!

Yes, advance copies of the second volume of The Deep touched down in Australia a couple of hours ago and it is now available from our distributor Madman and direct from Gestalt Publishing.
This is, without a doubt, the book I am most proud to be a part of of this year. James Brouwer’s art is even better here than it was in the first volume, and he and publisher and editor, Wolfgang Bylsma, have worked tirelessly to make this book happen. Thank you so much to James and Wolf, along with Gary, Skye and everyone at Gestalt Comics.
“…reading The Deep makes me happy.” says Joe Kelly in his wonderful foreword, “Pure, unadulterated, non-cynical, I’m-eight-years-old-and-what’s-under-the-Christmas-tree-happy.”
I have to say, in all the long hours sitting at this computer, I am never happier than when I’m creating The Deep and telling the tales of the joyous family Nekton.

The Vanishing Island will be in stores very soon and we will also be bringing you news of an official launch but, if you’d like to get it earlier, get ordering from here and here!

• The sequel to the Aurealis Award Winner for ‘Best Graphic Novel of 2011’ is here!
• When an island is ‘completely not hit by a tsunami’, a new investigation begins for the daring aquanauts, the Nekton family.

Danger, secrets, peril, ancient messages, shocking revelations, and the first word to rhyme with ‘orange’.

The Nektons are back, along with Jeffrey the Fish, in an adventure every bit as mysterious as the deep blue sea.

“Not only does the family Nekton give younger readers an accessible, entertaining gateway into the world of comics, but they remind we elder readers why we started reading the funnies in the first place. In an industry flooded with gritty ‘realism’, have faith in more than the fish – have faith that Tom and James yet again deliver an action-packed, all-ages adventure that’s filled to the gills with heart and mystery.” - Bryan Q. Miller – Writer of the Smallville TV series, Batgirl and Teen Titans.

Back From The Land Of Liberty… And Cheese.

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

We are finally back from the San Diego Comic Con!

Despite spending 30+ hours in the air and my being lactose intolerant in a country where even the cheese comes with a side of cheese, all of our Australian contingent had a really successful con, with guaranteed work, job offers and piles of possibilities for all.

Wolfgang Bylsma and Australia’s own Gestalt Publishing  hit the con (via Tokyo) hard, where they announced a number of projects including Rombies (a Roman zombies book written by me and illustrated by Skye Ogden) and set up all sorts of distribution deals, licensed properties and other projects.  This is Gestalt’s year, people.  They’ve arrived.

The hinted at ‘WarGame’, to be illustrated by the awesome Wayne Nichols, had interest from no less than five publishers, so that’s looking like it may be in development soon.

A new Star Wars project looks like it’s on the cards for me, with another one appearing on the Dark Horse website later this week.  There are also a number of projects that I can’t even hint at that look like they will almost definitely happen.

Randy Stradley and I finally got to meet – Randy is a damn fine editor who I owe a lot and I will work for forever if he lets me.  Let me, Randy!

Some random highlights:-

- The enormous Invasion image that could be seen from miles away in the convention center.

- Meeting Gerard Way and Joss Whedon – Fellow Dark Horse writers (I think they do some other stuff too).

- Dinner with Randy Stradley and Colin – Wine, beer, steak and Star Wars;  what a combo.

- The tour of the DC Wildstorm offices in La Jolla – Big thanks to Ben Abernathy for lunch and all of the free books!

- Catching up with Todd McFarlane again and his praise of ‘The Example’ – Still blows my mind that that guy has so much time for everyone.  I’d love to write something for him soon.

- Meeting other creators like Mike Mignola, Jeff Darrow, Dave Dorman, Steven T Seagle, Mick Harrison, Daxiong, Brian Wood, The Fabulous Fillbach Brothers, Gabriel Ba, Adam Hughes, Bryan Talbot, Dave Gibbons, Robert Kirkman and Joe Kelly.

- The surprise of reading Joe Kelly’s ‘I Kill Giants’ on the plane ride home – The single best thing I’ve read this year.

- The Mustang we hired to get around in.

- The bar directly across the road from our house.

- And, lastly, the all-Australian dinner where Nicola Scott and I had a quick meeting before asking about twenty people to get up from the table and move to a cheaper restaurant… class.