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Shazam! The Cover to Injustice 7 Revealed.

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t updated this enough lately. This should make up for that.
Here’s Mico Suayan’s cover to our 7th Injustice issue. Billy Batson Versus Shazam!
(If you’re writing ‘Shazam’ without an exclamation mark, you’re doing it wrong).

Great to have artist Kevin Maguire join our team too. I’ve been a fan of Kevin’s work for a very long time.

Written by TOM TAYLOR
On sale JULY 31 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
The tragic death of one of their own has further divided the heroes. Friendships fracture as paths are chosen. The citizens of Earth, too, are divided in their feelings on the heroes’ new, proactive roles, and Billy Batson wants to hear what they have to say. Meanwhile, a signal from Metropolis proves that someone—or something—has survived.

Before Darth Maul, There Was ‘The Brainiac / Sinestro Corps War’. DCUO Legends – Collected Today.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Before Darth Maul: Death Sentence, Bruno Redondo and I first worked together on a two-part story called the Brainiac/Sinestro Corps War in DCUO Legends. It was because of Bruno’s great work on this series that I asked for him to be involved with Darth Maul.

That story is collected today in the pages of DC Universe Legends #3. I had a great time writing this story. I got to play with all of the Green Lanterns and discovered just how much fun it is to write Guy Gardner.

I saw this page on the internet somewhere. I figure I can share it here.

DCUO Legends #3 is written by Marv Wolfman and myself and illustrated by Bruno Redondo, my ex-’Authority’ partner in crime, Mike S Miller, and Howard Porter. You can also get a digital download of the original issues (#16 and #17) here –

Goodbye 2010 and thanks to a lot of people.

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Happy New Year, everyone!

The ‘End of Year Comic Awards‘ over at NFAMOUS.NET have given ‘Best Miniseries’ to Star Wars: Blood Ties, which was also nominated for ‘Best Limited Series or One Shot’ over at COMICBOOKED.COM “…this piece is truly perfect. Perfect in art, perfect in literature, and perfect in Star Wars. Also, Boba Fett takes down a rancor.” – COMICBOOKED.COM

‘The best Damn Comics of 2010′ over at the ‘The Daily Cross Hatch’ also saw The Example get some love.

A huge year of writing comics has come to an end and I decided to do a bit of a review… then I changed my mind and just made a collage – a visual representation of how much sleep I missed last year.

Yep, all of these books came out in 2010 – that’s two for every month.

A huge thanks to all of the people I was lucky enough to work with in 2010

Thanks to all of the artists – Colin Wilson, Chris Scalf, Al Barrionuevo, Mike S Miller, Skye Ogden, Daxiong, Brian Koschak, James Brouwer, Wes Dzioba, Mike Heisler and Em Smith.

To my wonderful editors – Randy Stradley, Jim Chadwick, Wolfgang Bylsma, Freddye Lins, Kristy Quinn, Gary Edwards, Shannon Eric Denton and Ben Abernathy.

To the ridiculous wealth of cover artists – Jo Chen, Dave Gibbons, Kevin Nowlan, Philip Tan, Pete Woods,  Howard Porter, Chris Sprouse, Tim Seeley, Sean McNally and Jeremy Raapack.

And of course, an enormous thank you to every single person who read my books in 2010.  THANK YOU!

This year is already looking enormous, with a pile of work due for publication and some hints of more big gigs in the pipeline – 2011 preview post coming soon…

The Authority #23 Reviews And Exclusive Preview Page Of #24.

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

They like us.  They really like us.

Authority #23 is getting some high praise on internet forums and I’ve also had a number of emails and facebook messages from people singing the praises of the issue.

A couple of good reviews have surfaced already.  And the first one, from Comic Vine, really put a smile on my face.  See an extract below.

“OMG! Ok stand back just a little, I’ve got to get this out of my system.

You didn’t experience what happened in the two minutes between the previous line and this one, but trust me, I needed it. I liked this issue. A lot. I’ve liked what’s been going on with The Authority since they’ve taken off, but this issue was great.”

“That scene with Grifter at the beginning was not only very funny, but also really worked to add an element of continuity by connecting it to the last issue in a fun way. It’s not just random stuff happening on the Carrier. The Grifter/Flint…encounter also shows that a network of relationships (not just sexual) is building and by the end Taylor has used this joke to add a strong element of community. There are natural friendships, but the lives of the people on the ship are going to be crisscrossing more and more.”

“This issue really shows that these characters have character, and I’m glad to see it. And even better is that the character development doesn’t get in the way of telling a story that draws you in and is exciting. I’m so pumped for the next issue.” – Comic Vine.

And from Comic Addiction…

“One thing I appreciate about Taylor’s writing is his insertion of humor.  There’s a great moment at the beginning between Grifter, Flint, The Engineer, and Swift.  Even though he can do good humor, Taylor is also good at giving the story scope.  The Carrier as a ship is massive in its own right.  But there are two times in this issue that we see that out here in space, The Carrier seems real small real quick.  Add that to the fact that Taylor introduces TWO threats for the heroes in this issue and you’ve got a great set-up for conflict.”

“If you like your superheroes with a dash of sci-fi, this book is the place to be right now. Rating: 8 out of 10 (On Its Way to Greatness!) Comic Addiction.

Issue #23 sadly marks the end of Mike S. Miller’s short run as the artist.  Mike captured these guys fantastically and, as well as showing some incredible action and scope, he really helped inject the humour that I was after at this stage of my run.

Issue #24 sees the return of regular series artist, Al Barrionuevo.  I’m a lucky guy to get to work with two incredible artists on this book.  An exclusive preview page of Al’s pencils from The Authority #24  can be seen right here at the official Wildstorm Blog.

This Week – The Authority #23

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

This Thursday (due to Memorial Day in America) sees the release of The Authority #23.

I know I wrote it and all, but I really like this issue.  You will too… maybe.


Written by TOM TAYLOR • Art by MIKE S. MILLER • Cover by PHILIP TAN

With the onboard rebellions subdued and attacks from the stowaways repelled, The Authority can once again focus on the nature of their voyage. Is the Carrier leading them to its home – or does it have some other, more sinister agenda? While passing through a vast graveyard of discarded spacecraft, the latest Century Baby detects a faint sign of life. The High goes off on a rescue mission, but what he brings back on board eclipses any danger they’ve faced so far.

The Authority Run Begins Today With Issue #22…

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Today my run on The Authority begins with issue #22.  And, this morning, I woke up to a good luck message from the man himself, Warren Ellis – Hell. Yes.

Acclaimed writer Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Invasion) takes the helm for a 4-issue arc. The Authority’s journey through space on The Carrier’s unknown mission continues. Their mysterious voyage takes an even more terrifying twist than anything they’ve experienced so far when they discover stowaways of the worst possible kind. Facing a hideous mutiny by overwhelming odds, only one person can possibly save them. But will this reluctant hero break his own vow and return to action?

Note: It isn’t just a four issue arc… and, apparently, I’m ‘acclaimed’.

Here is a preview of the first page by Mike S Miller, featuring Flint, Deathblow and Grifter… and vampires… in space.

I’ve read it.  It’s good, seriously.  Buy it.  you won’t be disappointed.