Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and a multi-award winning playwright and screenwriter (ooh, ahh).

For DC Comics, Taylor is the writer of the long-running worldwide-bestselling Injustice series. For Marvel, he is currently the writer of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Star Wars: Age of Resistance, and has recently written the critically-acclaimed X-Men: Red.

Over the past ten years, he has been the writer on such titles as All-New Wolverine, Justice League/Power Rangers, Iron Man, Earth 2,  Adamantium Agenda, Green Lantern Corps, and many Star Wars titles.

Taylor is the co-creator, head writer and executive producer of the BAFTA-nominated television series, The Deep, based on his graphic novels of the same name with artist James Brouwer.

The Deep screens in over 140 countries, including on Netflix in the US, BBC in the UK and ABC in Australia. It has spawned a toy line, rides, games, a global publishing deal with Bloomsbury and a partnership with real-life oceanic explorers the Nekton Mission.

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